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Timeless collection of limited edition images taken from my traveling gallery collection.  

High Quality 24" x 36" mounted gallery Canvas Prints.

Available for worldwide delivery.




Amidist the bustling activity taking place in the heart of this mysterious city, we find a moment of serene  overlooking our every step.


Gothic Cathedral

The hollow remains of the historic City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana.  The decay of a beautiful facade encased in time.

Heads of State

Came across this stunning collection along the lakefront and was mesmorized by the power in their expressions.



Stone Paris 

The surplus of art & culture that Paris has to offer reveals many moments of sculpture and unique architecture.  The stone image of man and his timeless reflection.


Lake Michigan Bastille 

The crumbling cavity of the massive concrete wall that stretches along the skirts of Lake Michigan near the Illinois/Indiana border.  Seeing it in person only puts size in true perspective.



Tiger Style

Taken from the Heads of State sequence, as this one had the most profound emotion withing the bunch.




Avant La Tempête

The Effile Tower with its lone majestic figure and steel beauty in the midst as the skies begin transforming for quite the downpour.




Serious Tower

Growing up in Chicago, I have always know this massive stucture to be the beacon seen across any point in the city.  Originally called the Sears Tower, as a child we mistook "sears" for "serious" and to this day I still find the latter more fitting. 




The skilled stunt rider makes his scene stealing finale while taking a spill through the deadly black tar inferno.




The Edge of The Keys

Sunset in the Florida Keys on a beautiful midsummer's day, filled with conch fritters and key lime pie.



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